Graphic Designer: Kristie Armstrong


B.A. Graphic Design
Lyndon State College 

Lyndonville VT  

Welcome to KLC eight Designs!

I am a Graphic Designer from a small town in Vermont. Art has always been a passion of mine, and I always knew I would pursue it in one form or another. I have been communicating through graphic design even before I knew what it was.

As a designer, I create to communicate, whether it is in the form of a logo, illustration, painting, t-shirt, or wedding invitations. I am always open to fulfill any design need a client might have. Naturally, I am a visual-thinking problem solver which has come in handy in every aspect of my life and career. I am very blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing, kind, and talented people.


I strive to leave everything I touch better off than it was before I started and to always be open to new opportunities. Often I feel that we get stuck on the path that we start on, instead of allowing ourselves to change and grow. Imagine if a tree grew in a straight line producing only one single branch, there would be little to no room for new leaves to grow. We should always allow ourselves room to grow, change, and to seize new opportunities when we can.


There is so much beauty in this amazing world we live in and it's up to us to appreciate it, enjoy it, and capture it when we can, regardless if it's our surroundings or the people we surround ourselves with.

Stay positive!


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